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August 27, 2013 – 15:43
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Few people know, but the health of the hair may have a direct relationship with emotional health. Times of stress, worry, anxiety and depression may reflect the beauty of locks and aggravate or even cause disease. "Generally the internal balance is reflected in skin and hair healthy and beautiful, " says dermatologist Braga Cristiane, expert trichology (branch of medicine that deals with hair and hair).

The administrative assistant Rosemary Vieira, 51, was shocked when he noticed some scabs on your scalp for a year. In medical diagnosis: I had psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, and its appearance had a direct connection with the stress that she lived. Mother of two teenage twins and working full time, the result of the medical examination did not cause awkwardness. "The rush days, children, home and work have been generating a lot of worry, nervousness and trigger this kind of reaction in the body, " vents.

According Cristiane Braga, seborrheic dermatitis, better known as dandruff, is another disease that can worsen in stressed people. "Since depression can have as first symptom of hair falling sharply, " continues the doctor. If the wires are falling more than normal for more than three months worth further investigation.

Alopecia areata is another evil that can be triggered by periods of great stress. The disease causes hair loss or hair on well defined areas of the body, usually rounded or oval. Already trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by hair pulling without aesthetic purposes and affects people very anxious.

Stress can also generate inflammation in the scalp that cause excess oil in this region. Allergies to chemical processes, such as dyes and progressive brushes, or hormonal imbalances caused by diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and polycystic ovaries, can also leave the hair heavy and oily.

In either case, the correct diagnosis can only be made by a physician. "The main purpose is to see a specialist as soon as possible for a proper investigation, " indicates Cristiane Braga.

Care and Feeding

Who eats away from home every day is further subject to imbalances in the body caused by poor diet or eating at irregular times. To find out if you are eating the nutrients they need to pay attention to hair can be a good tip. According to the dermatologist, brittle and dull streaks usually indicate nutritional deficiencies, or even by iron deficiency anemia or vitamin B12.


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Help! (f29) seeks help w/hair loss, Y Burns??

2004-10-20 14:37:59 by female29_scalpburns

I have been on a myriad of medications, and figure it could be a side affect, though Dr. say it isn't. When I mentioned the BURNING scalp Dr. told me that he'd never heard of that before & sort of seemed to ignore it. I've been VERY concerned with it, cuz not only is it PAINFUL, (the burning) but for the last 1-2yrs my hair has been falling out significantly & I'm a 29yr female. My fear is being 1 of those old ladies that you can see their entire scalp through their perm, but I'm not old, & asof last 3mos I'm not the only one noticing it anymore. It has become 2 significant in the forehead area *but burning is all over)

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