Female hair loss is a modern disease should pay attention to several reasons

August 27, 2013 – 15:43

Social business Sept. 11 hearing with the accelerated pace of modern social work, the crowd began to female hair loss, more and more of the following reasons should attract people's attention:

Excessive weight loss dieting Japanese experts, statistics show that the "diet craze" that often accompanies increasing hair loss, of which 20% to 30% of 20 to 30 year-old young woman. Crux of the main component of hair is a protein called prion fish, including zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements in a lot of people who eat a vegetarian diet of vegetables, fruits and flour, protein and trace elements intake, resulting in hair loss due to severe malnutrition.

Computer frequently prolonged use of computers and the existence of close links between hair loss. People who work in computer hair loss were more likely, because such people with the brain a long time, high concentration of attention, the excitability of the brain continued to increase, with the hair growth-related endocrine disorder, sebaceous glands strong, hair follicles easily be embolism, so that the hair nutrient supply obstacles, leading to increased brittleness easily happen hair shedding. Therefore, women should pay attention to adjust the computer to prevent hair loss of use.

Excessive use of air conditioning the hair on the air temperature and humidity is very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes frequently hair will have a negative impact. From the air blowing out of the wet wind and cold are likely to be the cause of hair loss, and even spawned hair. In the hot summer and winter season, hype boasted air conditioning, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity difference is too large for the body and hair, it is not able to adapt to, and use of air conditioning to moderate, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed a maximum of 7 degrees Celsius , but it is best not to use the air conditioning too long.

Many women eat too tired too spicy to eat out as often, spicy, grease, excessive sugar intake, which greatly influenced the hair. Excessive intake of fat foods, making sebaceous glands are blocked too strong; eat spicy things can cause dry hair; eat large amounts of sugar, bacteria will multiply faster. This will directly or indirectly harm the hair, over time, the hair will continue to fall off.

Some women stop taking the pill after pill, hair loss often have rules like, this is because birth control pills containing estrogen and progesterone in after taking lead to a false pregnancy, to make the hair more than the amount of short-term and bright. Once you stop taking the sudden drop in estrogen levels, they produce as normal postpartum hair loss phenomenon. But there are few women on the pill when a large number of hair loss, which is mainly not also taking the right amount of vitamins, causing the body of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiency, which can be avoided with the use of these vitamins.

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Female hair loss

2009-08-25 04:43:29 by sandy-g

Looks like the drugs your on is causing hair loss says experts on here. just in case it isn't or you like to try something to help. i asked my nd she says women have hair loss all the time. many its anemia from period blood loss. stress. all the chemicals they have done to their hair. lots of other reasons as well. its quite a common problem . women take it very hard too. she says get from a health store marlin's formula fifty. its custom formulated to stop hair loss. rich in the exact essential nutrients needed for the hair. i cant put link here for it. you have to google check it out yourself

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