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August 27, 2013 – 15:43
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Women are different from men hereditary hair loss hereditary hair loss Female hair loss is not due with men (men usually follow a specific pattern baldness), like so simple. Male pattern baldness relates only to the front, top and coronary hair on the scalp, and most of the ears after exclusion next occipital scalp regions, which are usually used for permanent hair transplant hair.

Unlike male, typical female androgen alopecia adult female is usually a donation (donor) area (for example, behind the scalp), but also there may be significant hair miniaturization situation. Alopecia hair miniaturization is part of the process, there will be some time before the hair, the hair tapering begins.

High doses of finasteride (Finasteride) treatment of female androgenetic alopecia research

Single-label use of the drug labeling (off-label use) means the prescribing physician did not follow the instructions on the drug labeling content, such as access to medicines Failure to package insert contained indications, dosage, patient population, route of administration or dosage form. From Prague, Czech Republic research to Finasteride treatment for 43 premenopausal women, 5 mg daily oral finasteride (Finasteride 5mg, Proscar, Proscar) 18-month study to prove that for the treatment of Female hair loss is androgenetic alopecia efficacy and safety.

Assess treatment effects in two ways: patient satisfaction scores and double blind investigator's assessment of the photo. Involved in research on the premise that the subjects as normal serum androgen levels, without clinical hyperandrogenism, did not intend to become pregnant.

Summer tied pony tail carried away! Carefully pull alopecia

Into the summer occasion, many women can not stand the heat because of the hot weather, they have to be a hair tied up, so be cool ponytail tied one way, however, is often tied to the outer activity a day, sometimes even sleep, do not bother to relax hair.

Physician reminders, long tied ponytail or braid hair like black general preferences, may cause excessive pulling hair, leaving the hair follicle by local trauma, serious people will form a pull alopecia.

Female hair loss - women of all ages are likely to encounter problems

Karen Meyer had very thin hair, thinning year after year. Graduated from high school in 1966, she knew what was happening. When she was only 18 years old, but it has to be bald. Now 63-year-old Meyer said: Sometimes I use hair pieces, sometimes with a wig. I do not follow the fashion, but there are a few really need to wear a wig hair piece man.

Source: www.hairway.org

There are different types of hair loss. Rogaine

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Treats only one kind. Your SO needs to see a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and get diagnosed. The first thing the dermatologist should do is a blood workup. If she or he doesn't order one, see a different dermatologist.
I did Rogaine for nine months. It grew hair all over except on my scalp. I nearly had a beard and the insides of my nostrils looked like Robin Williams' forearms - and I'm female!

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