Minoxidil, treatment for hair loss in women.

November 16, 2012 – 00:00

Minoxidil is a component of most use in cases of female alopecia. This condition is dramatic for a percentage of women in the world. As in men, in women hair loss is related to a genetic predisposition, so it may appear early. For women, hair thinning is reversible, since in many cases the disorder is related to solvable issues such as stress, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, breastfeeding, etc..

In either case must be a dermatologist to recommend minoxidil for hair loss. The use of minoxidil for alopecia problems was casual. Actually, this was a drug used for high blood pressure cases for its vasodilating effects. Proved that minoxidil-treated patients experienced side effect hair growth. From there you will begin to experience a specific dose of minoxidil for baldness.

The level of minoxidil is different in that is intended for use by men or women. For the former, it provides a formula to 5%, however, the woman receives a 2% concentration. This difference has to do with the side effects posed by minoxidil in women: erythema, swelling, peeling, burning and dryness.

Other side effects that minoxidil causes in women is hair growth in other parts of the body such as arms, face and legs. Although it is applied to the scalp, this action reaches the whole organism. In fact, scientists still do not elucidate what specific factors are causing the serve minoxidil for hair care. Evidently this beautiful growth throughout the body, there is given to all women.

Anyway, minoxidil is still one of the most sought after solutions for hair loss. In women, studies that prove its effectiveness and its side effects, were performed for four months patients received a dose of 3%, then other volunteers agreed to be applied minoxidil 5% for eight months. In both cases, the women studied were between 15 and 60 years, and suffered from alopecia in types I, II, and II, according to the Ludwig scale.

But minoxidil side effects tend to be decreasing with use. Some women have spent years using minoxidil lotions and shampoos as tablets, managing to keep at bay the problem of hair loss. In any case, as I said above, it is best to consult a dermatologist to diagnose the causes of hair loss. Finally, minoxidil is contraindicated in pregnancy, but the good news is that increased estrogen in pregnant women is itself a cause of abundant hair.

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Sudden hair loss female - any ideas of causes?

2006-04-21 07:18:22 by eeeeekkkkkkk

I'm a 50ish female who has always had very thick hair, fortunately.
But for the last 2 weeks, it has suddenly been coming out --from the roots-- in large, noticeable amounts. As I said, my hair is ordinarily very thick, so I don't have bald spots, but when I brush (actually use a thick comb) my hair, it is leaving hair down my back and accumulating on the floor. I can gently run my fingers through my hair and end up with 40-50 hairs with roots in my hand. It's SCARY!
I have scoured the internet and can't find anything that applies. I went to a doctor about 20 years ago when I was having the same symtoms (sp) and she just "brushed" it off since I still had a lot of hair

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