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October 21, 2012 – 00:00

Cats are gourmets. They love fresh, high quality and in reasonable portions. The velvet paws do not tend to feed greed and not eat on stock everything to get.

To prevent hair loss from lack of minerals and vitamins, and generally to ensure a healthy and appropriate nutrition of the animal, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

Welfare and healthy eating

Healthy Cat Food Healthy Cat Food

Cats are carnivores. You need a lot of animal protein. Who offers his house cat just finished feed must check the manufacturer's information in any case. The aim is first to distinguish between what is and what a complete feed, a feed supplement. Both the actual meat content and the included vitamins and minerals must be viewed critically.

Eats the (house) cat healthy ...

Then ... she has a clever people at their Siete. The healthy food of a domestic cat is based on the nature and origin of the animal, not the fact that the animal is domesticated. Only in this way can prevent deficiency symptoms can be prevented through a cat's diet and long-term illnesses and other symptoms (such as alopecia) can be prevented.

Change ensures excellent quality and making a balanced and nutritious diet of the cat. Whether fish, poultry, lamb, beef or game times also, the food plan offers all sorts of different things. In nature cats eat their prey not only fresh, but also with all the trimmings. Skin, hair, feathers are eaten with, resulting in a balance of nutrients and fiber, and also the teeth and keeps the gut healthy.

Fresh on the table demanding cats

The meals should be freshly prepared and served best at room temperature three times a day (meaning lukewarm and not from the cooling). Even a cat is allowed to dislike something, unless they generally despise their food. Particularly active animals (with lots of exercise or energetic beings) or animals in extreme situations (relocation, travel, diseases) and in the growth phase or pregnant cats have a special need for good and sufficient nutrition. An additional dose of vitamins and minerals through medical means to cat food as a treatment for hair loss in cats must be weighed in each individual case.

The sofa unhealthy life should generally be avoided, but in no case be rewarded with additional and waste feed. Treats and sweets from the "can opener" is of course unhealthy.

Note: This information does not replace discussion with your veterinarian. Serious or persistent impairments and changes in the cat require a specialist examination and diagnosis.


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Hair Loss Prevention

2005-03-30 09:52:09 by Thinning

I have been looking into taking a hair loss supplement. the best reviews i have seen are with Provillus and Advecia. they are pill form which you take orally. i trust that they promote hair growth for the head, but i am wondering if they increase hair growth on the body?? (i already have plenty of body hair and any more will really repulse the ladies). any info you have would be helpful. thanks!

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