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August 27, 2013 – 15:42

The hair loss can have emotional causes or hormonal
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"The hair loss is characterized by loss of the wire from the root, " says Adilson Costa,dermatologist Sao Paulo.And it is best to stay calm: stress is your biggest enemy.

Solution: Encourage the growth of wireless

The better way: Because the cause can be emotional or hormonal,you need an accurate diagnosis.Treatment varies spare the vitamin dietary changes.There are specific products useful when the cause is external.Look for strength and reducing fall.

To do in the salon: Approved by Angelina Jolie and Beyonce,the Brush Primer (250 * 400 * actual),Hall Brigitte's Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro,suspends the fall and ensures accelerated growth.

For use at home

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1. Inners Clear Cleanser Women Fall Defense,$ 25 * (set of 6) They act as an anchor,fixing the hair on the scalp.

2. Nourish Healing Kit (shampoo,conditioner and treatment),L'Anza,U.S. $ 147 * (kit 3) The trio helps prolong the growth phase of the wire.

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3. Shampoo (£ 4 *) and conditioner ($ 4.80 * R) Fall Prevention,Monange.Through Fiber Repair complex,prevents the fall of wires,and eight hours,reconstructs the damaged hair fiber from the inside out.

4. Empowering Root Lotion,Silk, £ 12 * With mineral zinc will prevent a fall from the first application.

* Prices surveyed in fevereiro/2013


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Marta - Only a fool will believe Monange and Silk will make it all the same they are saying!These tags are sluts and incidentally,the hairdressers I know,always blame the Silk! As to those imported,must do something,because they are very expensive ...-

isis - I wonder how do I find the treatment of "L'ANZA" in my state (ES),because I know it's good but I can not find ... If perchance I could help,Thanks!!-

Deborah Thâmmis - Angelina,okay?I'll give you a hint suuuuper to fall ..tbm'm going through this and I know HOW BAD!So I went to the Dermato and he pointed me Inneov Nutri Care,beauty pills that nourish the wires from the inside out!Look,there I am taking two months and I'm already noticing a significant better in the fall,growth and texture of the wires ..Alias,everyone noticed,mt praise,for hair that NEVER grew and was thinner than anything!So there it is,the price is not the account,but it is worth,I can assure you!But talk to a doctor before ..after each body has its own way of responding to some medication and such!Good luck!-

Cintia - Hello you guys could point me to a secure site for me to buy Nourish Healing Kit (shampoo,conditioner and treatment),L'Anza,I want to try but have not found where I live.grateful and congratulations for the site. -

Angelina - I'm with hair loss,hair thinning station and very thin,and not grow more,since I had long hair and bulky'm not consiguindo recovers them.The should I do?-



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Hair Loss Prevention

2005-03-30 09:52:09 by Thinning

I have been looking into taking a hair loss supplement. the best reviews i have seen are with Provillus and Advecia. they are pill form which you take orally. i trust that they promote hair growth for the head, but i am wondering if they increase hair growth on the body?? (i already have plenty of body hair and any more will really repulse the ladies). any info you have would be helpful. thanks!

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