Propecia (Propecia) / Avodart (Avodart) on the effectiveness of the treatment of female hair loss and risk

August 27, 2013 – 15:43

We multidimensional perspective regarding women taking oral medication germinal.

Propecia 的評論,不是沒效,不然就是『有危險』,所以它只限於男性使用。 No doubt,over the years,women Propecia review,not without effect,or is "dangerous",so it is restricted to men.DHEA 比 DHT 稍微多了一點。 This of course made ​​some people were puzzled,because the male and female androgenetic alopecia androgenetic alopecia hair loss mechanism is almost exactly the same,only a small amount of the hormone DHEA variation confirmed DHT slightly more than a little.DHT 確是女性掉髮一項重要的因素。 However,DHT female hair loss is indeed an important factor.

Propecia 的主要原因是,理論上會在懷孕期間對男性胎兒陰莖成長可能會有影響,使初生的男孩有不完整或不明顯的生殖器。 Propecia is not recommended for women mainly because theoretically the male fetus during pregnancy could affect the growth of the penis,so that newborn boys incomplete or obvious genitals.與 Avodart 能有效抑制 5- α還原酶,因此會有上述的風險。 Propecia Avodart can effectively inhibit the 5 - α reductase,so there will be the risk.Propecia 的藥廠,更是謹慎為之,十分害怕會被此類的訴訟纏身,所以藥廠甚至告誡女性不要碰到 Propecia 的藥品碎片,以為只要『摸』到一點點有效成分就足以造成新生兒缺線。 Propecia's pharmaceutical production,it is prudent to whom,very afraid of such litigation will be ridden,so pharmaceutical companies and even warned women not to touch Propecia drug fragments,that as long as "touch" to a little bit of active ingredient sufficient to cause newborn children missing lines.

Drugs good or bad,is always one of the sides,gains and losses,and should not only consider the effect,you must also consider the security.Propecia ,也包含 Avodart ,使用在女性身上跟男性是有效果的。 Next,these studies show that Propecia,also contains Avodart,use in women with men is effective.

finasteride 生髮的研究摘要 Here are some women with finasteride germinal study summaries

一 )Effect of finasteride 5 mg (Proscar) on acne and alopecia in female patients with normal serum levels of free testosterone. (A) Effect of finasteride 5 mg (Proscar) on acne and alopecia in female patients with normal serum levels of free testosterone. 5mg finasteride (Proscar) 治療患有面皰或禿頭,但游離睪固酮濃度正常的女性病患的效用 Taking 5mg finasteride (Proscar) treating patients suffering from acne or baldness,but free testosterone normal female patient utility
Kohler C,Tschumi K,Bodmer C,Schneiter M,Birkhaeuser MDivision of Gynaecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine,Department OB / GYN,University of Berne,Berne,Switzerland.

A 酸、或皮質類固醇療法,不能使一些血清中游離睪固酮含量正常但患有面皰或禿頭的女性達到臨床上的改善。 Background: The typical anti-androgen,A acid,or corticosteroid therapy,can not make some of the normal serum levels of free testosterone,but women suffer from acne or baldness achieve clinical improvement.5- α還原酶活動過度。 Our hypothesis is that some of these women enzyme 5 - α reductase hyperactivity.
finasteride (5mg/ 日 ) 對於血清中有正常游離睪固酮含量但患有面皰或禿頭的女性是否有個別效益。 Objectives: Assessment finasteride (5mg / day) for serum free testosterone levels are normal,but women suffer from acne or baldness whether individual benefits.
12 名病患填寫的問券所做的回顧式研究,其中 6 位患有面皰,另外 6 位病患則有禿頭。 Study Design: This is an assessment of the 12 patients completed asked vouchers made ​​retrospective study,in which six people with acne,there are another six patients baldness.12 名病患中有 9 位從治療中獲益,她們的症狀明顯地減輕,心理上也比使用 finasteride 前感覺還要好。 Results: 12 patients have 9 benefit from treatment,they significantly reduce the symptoms of a psychological feeling than before with finasteride even better.3 位病患一點都不覺得 finasteride 有幫助,她們提出不管是面皰或是禿頭,都沒有改變。 The other three patients do not feel finasteride helpful,they propose either acne or baldness,nothing has changed. Generally well-tolerated treatment,only to see some of the adverse reactions.
12 個病人中有 9 位從療程中獲益。 Conclusion: The 12 patients in 9 to benefit from treatment.5- α還原酶有過度活動的假設。 This result supports the periphery we tissues of the patient,5 - α reductase activity assumptions excessive.3 位病人沒有發現到症狀嚴重性的改變意味著,在血清中有正常游離睪固酮的女性應該也有其他患有面皰或禿頭起始的路徑。 Three other patients found no change in the severity of symptoms means that,in the serum of women with normal free testosterone should have the other starting with the path of pimples or baldness.finasteride 。 We need to get further evaluation to a more accurate interpretation of suffering from acne and baldness in women who use finasteride.


Minoxydil 5% not dangerous

2006-06-08 09:02:32 by deborah

The only reason 5% is only recommended for men is because they did not do studies re the 5% for women. It can cause some hair growth on the face but not all women have this result. I used to get a fuzz which was not visible because I'm pretty fair.
What can cause problems for pregnant or nursing mothers is Propecia (finasteride) which was originally intended for men's prostrate problems. It can cause fetal defects in male babies if the women get pregnant. But, dermatologists in some cases are prescribing finasteride for women today.
Hair loss info:
This is regarding Propecia--
BOLOGNA, Italy, March 20 - An oral drug for male-pattern hair loss, used with an oral contraceptive, may help younger women with a female -pattern hair loss, researchers reported

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