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83 kinds of vinegar Magical

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83 kinds of vinegar Magical

A bedtime cup of cold water, add a tablespoon of vinegar to drink after aiding sleep.

2, hiccup when a small cup of vinegar to drink, breath and drink can be removed.

3, constipation drink water daily discretionary vinegar, can be laxative.

4, apply mosquito bites with vinegar, reduce itching, swelling.

5, the car in front Hecu water, anti-motion sickness.

6, in the warm bath, add a little vinegar, extra bath will feel cool and comfortable.

7, the vinegar and glycerin mixed in a ratio of 5:1, often rub use, rough skin can become tender.

8, washing silk and other silk, add some vinegar in the water, helps maintain original luster.

9, wool pants, often rubbing parts become Baifa Liang, dipped in vinegar and water 1:1 (half vinegar and half water) Qingcuo, then cover with a dry cloth, the iron, you can remove the light trace.

10, clothes stained with color or fruit juice stains, use a few drops of vinegar Qingcuo a few, will be able to be removed.

11, calligraphy, use vinegar Surusumi, write out the word black and shiny, not easy to fade.

12, in water plus one tablespoon of vinegar, you can scrub the glass and furniture more clean.

13, buy a new lacquer paint supplies have a strong flavor, with a little vinegar to the wash rice water drops can remove the paint smell.

14, well-worn bronze, aluminum device, first painted again with vinegar, dried and then washed with water, easy to wipe off the dirt.

15, will be frozen thaw immersed in water with vinegar. This method is also suitable for thawing frozen fish.

16, hot water is added Cuzhu ducks out after a few minutes, it is easy to back hair.

17, a certain proportion of vinegar steamed bread, especially white.

18, summer, light vinegar and water sprinkled on fish, fish every other day will not go off.

19, burning the house smoked vinegar and water on the prevention of influenza and other respiratory diseases.

20, vinegar and sugar, red water, cool drink can be hot weather.

21, nosebleeds, medication cotton dipped in vinegar, stuffed nose, blood lasts.

22, two drops of vinegar toothpaste brushing, teeth whitening perseverance.

23, warm water and vinegar, drink hangover.

24, boiled in vinegar and salt, a drink cure mild diarrhea.

25, washing clothes, plus a small amount of vinegar rinse can remove clothes smell.

Source: blog.udn.com

It's helps balance the skin's ph, for one thing.

2005-12-17 18:32:29 by Kylierules

There are different websites that discuss it. Here's a blurb from
You could continually wash away your dog's tear stains, but that affects only the result not the cause. Putting a teaspoon of Natural Apple Cider Vinegar per quart of water in your dog's water bowl can clear up most active yeast infections and prevent future infections. Apple cider vinegar tablets can be used if your dog refuses to drink the treated water. A dog's (and human's) system should be PH balanced (between acid and alkaline), and apple cider vinegar adds the acid that many of us are lacking

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