Hair Loss - when falling from the hair to chemo?

August 21, 2013 – 15:41
Cold caps tested to prevent hair loss during chemo - Yahoo! News

After the frightening diagnosis of cancer is usually more doubts and fears follow. I'm doing chemotherapy? What medications are administered to me? I noticed all the hair? When my hair fall out?

The question of whether and when the hair fall out, you can not clearly answer unfortunately. This is closely related to the administered cytotoxic drugs, medication and route of administration. The hair loss can occur two to three weeks after a treatment cycle. Sometimes, not only the scalp hair is concerned, but also eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, and the body - this is different from patient to patient.

What impact have the impending chemotherapy on the patient and whether it will come to the loss of hair, the competent doctor can usually estimate beforehand. This allows you to prepare well for what is to come and maybe take appropriate action.
Very important and is the inevitable confrontation with the threat of hair loss. Many patients find it helps to cut the hair before the chemo or completely shave.
You can also consider what measures can delay the hair loss or perhaps even can keep the hair. Again, you should provide advice to your doctor.
What is being done right, everyone must decide for themselves. However, you should weigh all options and learn thoroughly and seek advice.

Hair loss related to chemotherapy is not permanent. In most cases, the hair grows one to three months after the end of therapy again when the body has reduced the administered cytostatic drugs.


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Hair Loss Products for Women?

2012-01-25 02:05:35 by anyadvice?

My hair has been "shedding" for about 6 months due to stress. My dermatologist wasn't very helpful - she confirmed it was shedding and suggested Rogaine and I'm taking a high dose of Vitamin B for 3 months to get Iron levels up. I might see a specialist if I can get the $.
I have done some research. It's a type of alopecia called TE and the thinning is mostly at the widow's peak, along the top middle (the part), and behind the crown on the right side (typical of women in their 50s.)
My stylist suggested I try Rogaine for men. Anyone have experience or suggestions on what I should use? I would like to keep the hair I have - and stimulate regrowth on follicles that are asleep.

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