Dermatologist gives 10 tips to reduce hair loss

August 27, 2013 – 15:42

Especialista ensina 10 dicas para evitar a queda de cabelos Foto: ShutterstockExpert teaches 10 tips to prevent hair loss Photo: Shutterstock Hair loss,a problem that causes panic in women and men,can not always be completely avoided,but can be reduced.The reasons leading to it are highly dependent on each person."Hair loss has many causes,including genetic,and these do not have to intervene only after it detects" explains dermatologist and regional director of Rio de Janeiro,Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD-RJ),Egon Daxbacher.But some factors enemies hair,whether biological or external,can reduce or even halt the fall when avoided.

According to the dermatologist,avoid traction on the hair is a way to save them."Men and women who walk with long hair caught,spun,may have more drop, " he explains.

This is very specific to women,since few men adhere to the brush."These brushes smoothers,in general,make traction on the hair, " he recalls.Resort to this cosmetic treatment can cause great loss in the wires.

Various beauty treatments use chemicals that if used in excess,can cause damage to the hair."Some treatments with formaldehyde,dyes excessive,can be harmful, " he says.So it is important to choose quality products and good consulting professionals.

Thermal damage
The boards of smoothing,the famous flat irons,like cacheadores hair may be other villains.With them,the hairs are subjected to high temperatures,which fall and cause damage if overused.You must know the correct way to use. width=

Good nutrition is the basis of everything,including hair strong."Some vitamin deficiencies lead to hair loss, " says.Eating fruits and vegetables fresh,balanced with red meat,fish and whole grain products help it.

"If there is a history of baldness in the family,the person should seek guidance dermatological to discover what to do as soon as possible, " advises Daxbacher.In that case,will be recommended treatments with products that can be directly on the scalp or medicines orally.

Another possible cause of hair loss are hormonal diseases."It should be diagnosed as soon as possible and treat early, " he says.Treatments vary for each person.

Scalp diseases
Dandruff,also aesthetically pleasing because it can not be visible by the hair and clothes,can also accelerate the loss of wires.Therefore,once detected,should be treated.

Stress,one of the great evils of modern life also takes its toll on the hair."Trying to live a quieter life,without too much stress,help.Because it is not direct but may influence,as well as anxiety. "

Some medicines can cause hair loss.So,finding some disease,stay tuned for the possibility of the drug recommended to have this effect.And,of course,take medicines only with medical advice.


Zinc deficiency can cause Hair Loss

2007-07-05 12:05:02 by selfishealth

Zinc has been known to be depleted by certain perscription drugs and has caused baldness in many. I have seen thick haired women have this problem due to anxiety drugs and some "woman fixin drugs". It cannot hurt to take a zinc pill a day (do not exceed the dose of 2 a day!)
Also TCM has a fabulous product called Alopecia pills or else Fo Ti (aka He Shou Wu) and these products are for other causes of balding.
See an acupuncturist for TCM remedies that will work for you, it will be cheaper and safer than any "white coat"
GOOD LUCK and Future long LOCKS

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