Products that prevent hair loss

August 27, 2013 – 15:42

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Products that prevent hair loss

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Move now this problem of your hair with products that can save your wires

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Knew about 200 strands hair fall every day of your head?In contrast,the same amount also rises daily.Sometimes,however,the locks tumble more than average and there is time to treat them.

The fall can occur for two reasons: if the wires are integers and the white tip,loosened the root because of stress or hormonal imbalance.Just broke in half is because they are weak.cabelos-produtos-evitam-queda-vm-556-1

Myths and truths

Stress causes decrease?
Truth.It causes hormonal changes that can lead to trouble.

Wash the hair increases much loss? Myth.At most,dries out the wires!

Use gel does the yarn fall?
Myth.But avoid sleeping with the product,therefore,to harden,can break wires.

Haircut interfere?
Myth.The drop is related to the root.Cut the thread changes nothing.cabelos-produtos-evitam-queda-vm-556-2

Combing much does hair fall?
Myth.Hairs that fall just completed its life cycle - it makes no difference if it occurs in brushing or not.

Straightening or coloring increases the fall?
Myth.The chemical weakens the wire and can increase the break (no falling).To avoid hydrate all week.

Changes in food increase the loss?
Truth.Whole grains,castanhado-stop,fish,eggs and milk remain strong wires.

Contraceptive in shampoo accelerates growth?
Myth.In this case,the absorption of the hormones,if it occurs,will be minimal.

Suggested Products

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1. The Fall Treatment Lotion,Avora Cosmetics,£ 17.50.
2. Lotion Hair Tut,Biotropic,£ 7.50.
3. Capilong Hair Tonic,Nemawashi,U.S. $ 18.90.
4. Jaborandi Shampoo,Naturativa,£ 18;
5. Revitrat Fall Shampoo,Dermage,U.S. $ 49.
6. Elsève Treatment Cream,L'Oréal,£ 11.90.
7. Fall Shampoo,Lowell,U.S. $ 47.84.
8. Lelif Fall Line,Paul Mac.Shampoo,£ 40; conditioner,U.S. $ 35.
9. Regefort Jaborandi Treatment Cream,Skafe,£ 7.85.
10. Scalp Shampoo Fall,Mutari,U.S. $ 32.

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1. Resistance Line Break,Natura.Shampoo,£ 9.90; Conditioner,£ 11.90.
2. Antiloss Ginseng Shampoo,NPPE,U.S. $ 40.
3. Phyto Shampoo Jaborandi Schraiber,U.S. $ 14.
4. Lotion,Tricofort,U.S. $ 7.
5. Keraform Hair Reconstructor,Skafe,£ 3.45.
6. Combing Cream Pro-V Pantene.R $ 12.
7. Lotion Energy,Wella,U.S. $ 98.90.
8. Lotion Quinine,Klorane,U.S. $ 105.15.
9. Stimuliste,Kérastase.R $ 176.
10. Plants Fall Shampoo,Ox,U.S. $ 7.75.

* Prices surveyed in May 2010

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