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August 27, 2013 – 15:42

(Hereinafter, shampoo inspection report and I'll make up the final surface state, be sure to look ~)

This current is transmitted as "rumors", and I think from a detailed analysis, the first not knocked it directly to a pole.

You can first reading, which I'll talk about some of the choices this shampoo is very important, not only consider cleaning, to go through too "long-term use" view,
Can not be used as long as the long-term accumulation, do not go buy (which means to say inside the ingredients worthy of consideration).

Look at the article now, I remember seeing the last noodle bar!


Taipei Rongzong Mu Chen Huiling division chamber ─ ─ The following is the original letter

After shampooing hair supple myth

TV ads will always tell you "hair washing should be cis slippery, " may have occurred during the paradox? Arguably hair with nails, are hardened keratin, is not life, it is impossible to be like skin, with automatic birth sebum film protection mechanisms.

So after washing, a start should be the same with your home feels Sese broom, because the hair is thoroughly cleaned after
Cuticle will be opened, Rinse and other products on the shoulder so that the cuticle is closed, so that the hair well combed function. But the truth a little difficult to accept, together with advances in modern technology, appealing to consumers 'instant' use of feelings is too easy, one kind of violation of the abnormal physiology hair products - Si Ling was born.

Dimethicone What? (Dimethicone or silicon) ordinary people may be unfamiliar, but if it is silicon, probably a lot of people know that it is mainly engineering purposes, especially for close cooperation with, for example, along the wall to prevent water seepage or leakage, we will usually coated with
silicon to do preventive measures.

Why do you need to add dimethicone shampoo products do? This is because the dimethicone Once exposed to the hair, it will fill the gap between the cuticle,
Thus creating smooth tactile, washing hair quality seems to become better! So, therefore, allow people often mistakenly think that this is dimethicone hair nourishing effect, but the next time you use the water-insoluble silicones characteristics, the original has been coated on silicon-on hair spirit can not be thoroughly washed, but will with the use of a number of layers of the outer hair constantly covered live, it may result in the gradual loss of hair is thick and elastic, the pores are blocked and can not breathe. Result of inadequate oxygen will make very huge impact on the health of the scalp hair papilla gradually shrinking, but also easy itchy scalp, and pleasure and may even hair, hair loss sequelae.

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Hair loss

2004-06-16 11:23:51 by ------------------------

I was told hair loss is from your mothers side of the family in terms of genetics.sp?
Rogain works. Plugs in the long run are a good idea. ( I know a guy who got em and it looks good!) Did you know the ingredient in shampoo that makes it "sudsy" bubbly or whatever is the leading cause of hair loss?! Its true! They make shampoo that has no suds for people like you. Go to a Beauty supply store ( not longs) and ask them. Its not as fun, but it will work.
ps some women love bald guys!!!!!

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