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Figure: Dr. Klent said the main cause of hair loss from familial genetic

Ecumenical Network on July 19 News reporter Li Zhaode reports: German Hair Loss Expert latest research shows that more than half of men over 50 years later plagued by baldness, hair loss earlier in the youngest age of 20 hair loss phenomenon. Experts said that the body dihydro-testosterone (DHT) and depletion inhibits hair growth, hair loss caused by the crisis. Recent studies have found that caffeine shampoo formulations with hereditary baldness prevention efficacy, the use of the products after 2 minutes it will stimulate the skin to help prevent hair loss.

Alopecia is the general male middle age will have to face the problem, the German hair loss specialist Dr. Adolf E. Klent an "effect of caffeine on hair loss, " study found that at least 52% of men over 50 are affected by hair loss problems However, alopecia also appear in young adults. Study refers to 12% of young people as early as 20-29 years of age have begun to hair loss, the situation can not be ignored. Are there signs of baldness younger? Dr. Klent explained that the main cause of hair loss from familial inheritance.

Male hair loss is based on a genetic background, by the male hormone testosterone metabolites dihydro testosterone (DHT) which affect hair growth, and cause wear. Dr. Klent that an excessive number of DHT in the body can cause hair loss or increase "DHT causes the hair follicles shrink, so the hair becomes short, and slowly make hair loss." He said that if proper control DHT levels in vivo, to turn the alopecia fate.

Dr. Klent men alopecia hair follicles extracted samples were added testosterone and caffeine are tested for 120 hours training and found that adding 5 microgram dose of testosterone, follicle growth was inhibited samples; adding 0.001% and 0.005% concentration of caffeine sample DHT respectively offset from the role of caffeine stimulate hair growth demonstrated a significant effect. Dr. Klent Youyi adding caffeine shampoo formulations tested, the results showed shampoo containing caffeine can be used after 2 minutes to take effect, and access to the first anti-hair loss products for medical certification. обзор Hydroxycut.


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Shampooing daily with medicated shampoo

2010-10-13 14:06:40 by -

Every single day, no exceptions. And I'm alternating between head and shoulders intensive and neutrogena t-gel.
I'm about to have to see a doctor about it because I've been noticing that my hair is MUCH thinner. It used to be super thick and it isn't anymore. I googled causes of dandruff and one of the side effects of one cause is hair loss.

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