Using Home Remedies for baldness works perfectly

April 13, 2013 – 00:00
Acupuncture for Hair Loss Treatment

No matter what kind of disease you might be suffering from, you can bet there is some kind of remedy for it. There are even home remedies for baldness. Do not you think for a minute that you can not use them and regrow hair because you can.

All you have to do is find out what they are and act. Hair loss is a terrible thing for many to deal with. I mean how would you feel if you suddenly went from a nice and delicious head of hair, hair loss causes to look like Mr. Clean in just four months?

The very thought makes me shiver, and even if you're a woman, it can happen to you too. What if you are starting to notice a receding hairline at this time or you have a persistent bald just not fill? You could go blow your money like crazy on new treatments for baldness, as hair transplants and laser surgery.

If you're smart and savvy, take the cheaper route and use home remedies for baldness. A remedy that I know works very well using olive oil and saw palmetto. True, olive oil is used to cook that favorite Italian dish you like, and saw palmetto is usually taken to protect against prostate cancer.

We're not worried about that we want straight hair? So what you have to do is get a bottle of saw palmetto from any nutrition center. Take only 1, 500 mg of it a day, and then sit back and watch your stop hair loss. I like to call this lazy man's way of treating baldness.

It really is, and this is enough to prevent further loss of hair. What saw palmetto will do is block certain hair harmful hormones in the body called DHT. No cause for alarm, DHT is not even needed in the body of an adult male, it's just a waste product given off testosterone.

Research is still being done to find exactly what causes DHT to respond to your hair. Until it is, one thing is certain, and that saw palmetto is one of the best home remedies for baldness.

Olive oil was also mentioned as an aid to hair loss. What it will do is uncover years of damage has been done pore cells in the follicle. I have news for you. You may want to start checking the ingredient labels on the type of shampoo you buy. There is an ingredient in about 90% of all named sodium lauryl sulfate.


A number of things.

2006-01-04 09:15:28 by annedroid

First, are you eating enough protein? One of the symptoms that anorexics can get is thinning hair. If your body isn't getting enough protein, is stops making hair as much.
Second, have you recently gone on birth control pills? If so, no worries. The thinning will eventually stop, and your hair will all start to grow back. Keep in mind though that if and when you decide to stop taking BCPs, you'll get thin hair again for a while. That will also eventually return to normal.
However, if you are on BCPs and your hair never gets thicker again, it's possible the estrogen in your BCP is too low for you

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