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August 27, 2013 – 15:43
What Is Mange? (with pictures)

Has entered the season in mid-December, the disk according to the chill in the air has become more intense with the onset of winter and summer destination body trembling slightly, glad to listen to the front of the tower sub aunt, then more of the coat and scarf.

He was holding a bag filled with seven Tsuji house freshly baked bread, warm from the inside temperature spread slightly expulsion Natsume body chill.

"Buy seven Tsuji house bread, cat teacher will be very happy now." Natsume throughput with pale hazy fog, thinking cat teacher maybe now with those demon drinking Nuanjiu, rotund cat face suffused flush, a drunken appearance, with a chubby body with the same bread jump strange dance. So funny scenes come Natsume mind, so he could not help but laugh out Puchi.

….. Rustle rustle .....

Friction between the grass and the sound of abnormal sound, quietly drilled Natsume ears, unlike the cold winter chill thoroughly evil dart from the spine to the brain, nerves summer destination immediately tense up.

Natsume feels like there is a giant reptilian cold sticky skin tight in the back, can not help but emerge in a cold sweat, he looked around, both sides are sparse foliage of the woods, but could not see any movement, extending straight asphalt trail did not see a single soul .

And that ominous voice still cold, dry air, slowly crawling.

Natsume quickly started running in the woods, to follow the shortest shortcut to leave here, he clearly felt that was the monster's breath, but to those who by no means good class.

Side of the bleak scenery flies by, accompanied by Natsume rapid footsteps and breathing sound, the sound of the monster getting bigger and gradually approaching.

Constantly running Natsume turned his head and left shoulder but came to be sharp teeth bite-like pain, pain that he instantly fell kneeling on the ground, his thoughts into a blank.

Natsume just felt in front of the world gradually sinking into the silent darkness, feel nothing up.

Chill coated skin gently, slowly into the body, as if softly wake every cell of the body.

Natsume slowly opened his eyes, he is on the red as blood clarity Double Vision.

"Huh!?" Natsume screamed, a closer look, blood-red eyes of the owner is a young girl, her white hair divided into two sides were drawn to the waist, the skin and the body of the kimono was white as snow, and the girls handheld red paper umbrella, like behind her bright red flowers in full bloom.


A number of things.

2006-01-04 09:15:28 by annedroid

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