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August 27, 2013 – 15:42
Thinning Hair: Tips, Tricks And Supplements To Combat Hair Loss

Currently, the medical community considers certain types of hair loss as perfectly normal, reversible and can be successfully treated, because they are common, easy to diagnose and respond well to treatment. By cons, you must ensure that your hair loss is caused by one of these factors before starting any type of treatment. Linger in the following list and see if any of these factors could have contributed to the disruption of the normal growth cycle of your hair.

The most common reasons


Hair loss can be associated with various hormonal changes or abnormalities, a contraceptive or hormone-like medication. If we do not see any other possible causes for your hair loss, talk to your doctor or your endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in diseases related to hormones), which will make blood tests. For women, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are normal hormonal causes a temporary loss of hair.


Several drugs, such as steroids and chemotherapy, have the side effect of hair loss. Talk to your doctor if you notice hair loss, especially when you start a new medication.


The daily stress as well as trauma (shock) physical or emotional can affect the hair as well as other organs, such as the heart. Hair loss related to a traumatic event is often immediate (anagen effluvium), but in other cases it occurs with a delay of one to six months after the event (telogen effluvium). Typically, hair loss due to stress resolves itself once the body is back to normal. Hair loss due to stress usually presents as a general thinning of the hair, but it can also be located in some places. Many doctors believe that stress is a trigger for autoimmune disease called alopecia circumscribed (alopecia areata), which causes hair loss.


Your barber or hairdresser could alert you to some scalp problems, such as crusts, accumulation of sebum, fungal infections (fungi) as ringworm (tinea capitis), or other infections. However, a dermatologist will confirm the diagnosis and prescribe treatment. These conditions can reduce cellular respiration at the bulb or at the base of the hair follicle. Sticky styling products that are not properly removed attract dirt and bacteria, and then plugs can clog pores and follicles. This can lead to serious infections and scarring alopecia, that is to say, the destruction of hair where a scar is located.


The thinning and hair loss are also common signs of aging. Indeed, while there is a decrease in the production of natural hormones, combined with an increase of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone derived that attacks hair follicles and causes male and female pattern baldness. Women usually notice a general and uniform thinning of their hair, while men are genetically predisposed to lose their hair in certain areas of the scalp, according to a recognizable pattern. In women, it is sometimes a misconception that hair loss associated with aging is a result of menopause, since during this period, the body adjusts to the new hormone levels and fluctuations in the production of natural hormones.


Any physical trauma to the hair follicles can cause permanent hair loss in the form of a scar or a bald plate. Called "scarring alopecia" that permanent hair loss caused by a scar, the latter is the result of a scalp infection, fungal infection, autoimmune disease, trauma caused by the hair or injury.


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RE : hairloss remedies

2005-09-09 19:06:51 by shychiboy

Propecia works great for prevention of loss and can fill in thinning in crown. Prevention is the key. I had 2 transplant procedures at Bosley. Expensive $20,000. But Dr. Ohare is the best! But it is awesome!!! Could never tell I had a transplant.
My hair was so thin before, but now it looks like I did 10 years ago. Still using propecia, no side effects for me.

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