Biotin and use

August 27, 2013 – 15:42

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What is the famous biotin?

L & S - The biotin (biothin,biotin) is a water soluble vitamin (meaning that the body does not have the ability to store and therefore has to be used daily).It is known by various names: biotin,vitamin B8,vitamin B7 and vitamin H. Biotin binds to several enzymes that are essential in the processes of cell duplication,therefore,biotin is used in the cell growth,in fatty acid production,and in the metabolism of fat and amino acids.

Where to find the biotin?

Biotin is found in abundance in governing food or animals such as viscera in general (especially the kidney and liver),meat,egg yolk,milk,cheese,fish,chicken and royal jelly,etc..meats,egg yolks,milk,cheese,organ meats in general and especially the liver.
For vegans or vegetarians ,Biotin can be found in foods such as brewer's yeast,whole grains and their derivatives,yeast,barley,nuts,soybeans,peas and beans,mushrooms,cauliflower,potato,banana ,grapes,watermelon,avocado,strawberries,peanuts,yeast,milk,almonds,walnuts,dried peas.
There are people who have trouble absorbing biotin.Medically it is proven that people with blood group A,generally may have more trouble absorbing biotin.Also people with acidity problems or problems that require antacids may charge a low absorption of biotin.
It is clear that there is a problem of deficiency of biotin,it is advisable to opt for supplements as the natural supply of food is low concentration (daily are required to 100 to 200 micrograms).Biotin The extra contributions usually contain iron biotin.

Biotin benefits

The Biotin serves vital functions in our body .Go beyond a spect of the skin or hair.,Their enzymes involved in the synthesis of carbohydrates,proteins,fats,amino acids and energy production.These enzymes also bind histones which are important for DNA synthesis meaning that biotin is very important for transcription and DNA replication.A deficiency of Biotin and caused collapse of the skin,nails and hair loss.It can also lead to depression,weakness,hallucinations,irritability,fatigue,rash and loss of appetite.So,here we relate some of the benefits of biotin
1 - Helps relieve stress
2 - Helps stabilize blood sugar levels (to help control hunger)
3 - Helps maintain healthy skin by helping to renew.
4 - Help hair loss problems
5 - Helps strengthen nails
6 - Prevents premature graying
7 - Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps combat premature
8 - Maintains skin's protective barrier
9 - Help with memory and concentration.

Hair biotin

The problem of hair loss may be due to a deficiency of one or two vitamins or minerals.It is advisable to review and check your diet seriously and responsibly.Controlling your diet can not only solve the problem of hair loss,but also many other complications that may be evident in the body.
In this respect we can say that Biotin is often recommended as a natural supplement to counteract hair loss in both children and adults,however there are no studies that show the benefits of biotin when the body is lacking in this vitamin .One symptom of the d efficiency of biotin is hair loss and in severe cases,loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.Are on the market some shampoos containing biotin, but the benefit to the hair is dubious,because Biotin is not absorbed through the skin.We should mention that it has become fashionable to use biotin shampoo for horses.We must bear in mind that these shampoos are made ​​for horses and do not know the consequences of their use.



Thinning hair has many possible causes

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Stress, thyroid issues, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes are the typical causes, but many things can trigger thinning hair. Kudos for asking your doctor to do a check, but bear in mind many docs are quick to write a script in order to address the problem that may be resolved on a much less intrusive level. CountryLife makes a hair, skin and nail supplement called MaxiHair that gets good reviews here. A simple Biotin supplement may give you good results and it's cheaper than MaxiHair.

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