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Bosley Medical Blog: Temporary versus Permanent Hair Loss | Ask Bosley

| 21 December 2009 - 08:23 | Clinical Dermatology |

Hair loss is not only a problem but also male and female may occur at any age.

Strands of hair scattered on the pillow, on the shoulders, in the sink, or tangled in the brushes his teeth or wedged between the fingers of your hand are only the signal of a thinning, a condition that can be induced and triggered by a number of factors that you need to to investigate an intervention.


  • Period of chestnuts: there is no correlation with hair loss that physiologically, for reasons not yet clarified, tend to fall more in some periods of the year such as the spring and autumn. Obviously, if there is a specific disease borne by the fall of the hair follicle can be constant throughout the year.
  • Cut short hair does not absolutely need to reinforce them but only to eliminate split ends.
  • Washing your hair every day you might ruin the stem, the sheen of the hair, but does not cause them to fall.

Prior to investigate the possible causes is necessary to point out that the life cycle of the hair or fur is characterized by three distinct phases: anagen, catagen, telogen.

Every hair and / or hair carries out its life cycle inside the hair follicle .

The human body has about 5 million hair follicles scattered over the entire body surface. Of these, 100, 000-150, 000 are located on the scalp.

Moreover, all the hair follicles are characterized by the absence of synchronization interfollicular, or some are in the growth phase, in other resting phase and still others in fall phase. Therefore, each hair follicle produces hair regardless of its neighbors.

In this way the parts is effected in "mosaic" and not alternate, as for animals, periods in which they have their hair with others in which there are not. If not trascorreremmo few moments of our existence completely hairless. In this way, however, the nature organized so that the follicles were always present on our body hair and scalp hair.

But at some point this apparently simple and perfectly interconnected jams may occur and the hair starts to fall.

Clinical manifestations and underlying causes of alopecia hair loss

Alopecia localized or widespread throughout the scalp can be caused by multiple factors, responsible for diseases well-defined:

  • Telogen Effluvium - excessive loss of hair in the telogen phase. The most common causes are infections, medications , the post-partum period , deficiency syndromes (eg iron, biotin, zinc ...), acute stress or diseases of the thyroid gland .
  • Traumatic alopecia - the excessive stretching of the hair, for example to be able to bind to tail, can promote the occurrence of areas of alopecia. Or, in infants , the rubbing on the pillow of the occipital region determines the occurrence of areas with no hair that grows spontaneously after elimination of the traumatic stimulus.
  • Androgenetic alopecia - occurs only if there is a genetic predisposition. Affects 50% of men and 30% of women. In these subjects, the dihydrotestosterone reduces the anagen phase of the hair follicles. The Hamilton scale and Norwood to man and that of Ludwing for woman describe the scope of the clinical picture.
  • Trichotillomania - occurs in individuals with obsessive-compulsive behaviors that tear their hair. It is un'autoaggressione neurotic. When present in children is generally a benign tic is not associated with any psychiatric illness. The hair is sparse in the area have broken at various levels.
  • Folliculitis decalvans of Quinquaud - a chronic inflammatory process to load the follicles, perhaps due to infection of Staphylococcus aureus , results in the formation of irreversible alopecia area.
  • Lichen planus pilaris - autoimmune inflammatory process that results in a 'scar area.
  • Alopecia areata - autoimmune disease that occurs in individuals with genetic predisposition. In 60% of cases occur before age 20. May be localized, affecting the scalp or other areas of the body covered by hair. Only 5% of cases can be universal, or the disease may lead to loss of all hair and the hair.
  • Hair loss after chemotherapy - a few days or weeks after the start of chemotherapy hair tends to become dry and brittle break and start to fall in clumps. Subsequently, after the treatment, the hair grows back completely and sometimes in greater numbers.

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Should I tell my friend her hair is thinning?

2008-08-21 16:13:56 by WHATizGOINon

OK, I didn't really know where to put this, so I figured the beauty forum would probably be the best place.
I have a friend in her mid 20s who I think has the early signs of thinning hair. The only reason I've noticed it is b/c I've known her forever and I can see that it looks like the top part of her head (not the hairline or the sides) is starting to thin out. She dyes her hair occasionally, but I don't think that's whats doing it (she's never complained about itching/burning/whatever after using dye). I know her family, and she has a family history of female pattern hair loss

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