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August 27, 2013 – 15:42
Hair Thinning

Hello Doctor,
First I want to congratulate you on your page, as I read it I feel totally identified with many symptoms. Too bad I reached in my case, but I'm deseperada. I live in Colombia and if you can not help me with some problems I've had, I've gone where loooong specialists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, medical internists, dermatologists, rheumatologist and none have given me a solution. I have 36 years, I measure 1.73 and weight 55 kilos, and I have two sons, one 15 and one 10 years. I've never been this weight, whole life I suffered from some acne and I have always been fallen hair and I have oily scalp. Nor do any good breakfast, always a natural orange juice but I love the flours, especially in the evenings. After having my second child, at age 26 I started taking birth control pills take Yazmin and uninterrupted for eight years, during which time I had mild acne breakouts totally manageable. Year and a half ago I went to the Endocrinology and showed him a small varicesque I were dating, he said they were for the pills and decided to stop taking Yazmin, also because I wanted to get pregnant even though my husband does not want more children , leave it to luck. Simultaneously, hace2 years, I started a business that gives me a lot of stress, event organizer, I have never fed well and with this stress decreased feeding my quality enough. Then along with the stress without taking pills started all problems is greatly increased acne and my hair began to fall more, also the quality of the hair changed me a lot, I pretty deteriorated. I started coming more marked expression lines. I went to the dermatologist and I found many polycystic ovaries, positive antinuclear antibodies, vitamin D deficiency, low ferritin. I remain ruled out lupus because everyone else left me and I have perfect negative antibody levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and other tests. I am taking iron supplements and vitamin d. Pero estoy desesperada con el acne, la caida del pelo y la calidad del pelo, solia tener un pelo divino, y ahora esta horroroso. Los medicos me recetaron primero aldactone para disminuir el acne pero no me resulto, y ahora, desde hace 4 meses estoy intentando nuevamente tomando pastillas anticonceptivas, a pesar de que creo no es la solucion. Primero empece a tomar nuevamente Yazmin y me debilitaron mucho, las cambie por gynorelle, me brotaron mas la cara, despues qlaira y tambien me brotaron mas la cara y ahora me voy nuevamente por yazmin ya que por 8 años me mantuvo bien, pero el dermatologo me receto roaccutan por el acne, me lo estoy tomando en contra de mi voluntad porque no me gusta todas las contraindicaciones y porque ya lo he tomado anteriormente y se que una vez lo deje, vuleve nuevamente el acne y ademas tengo la esperanza de quedar embarazada, pero con pastillas anticonceptivas y roaccutan es totalmente imposible pero Desafortunadamente hasta ahora es el unico medicamento que me ha servido para el acne despues de mucha inversion en dinero en muchas cremas y tratamientos que nunca me sirvieron. What do I do? No quiero tomar pastillas anticonceptivas ni roaccutan? Ademas mi pelo esta totalmente reseco y sin brillo y tambien he tratado todos los tratamientos posibles, se me olvidaba que hace 2 años emepcé con la dermatologa un tratamiento para la caida del pelo con pilopeptan shampoo y locion y pastillas anacaps. Este tratamiento me sirvio para que me saliera mas pelo pero creo que fue el causante de acabar con la calidad que solia tener. Segun lo que he leido, no tengo arrugas ni berrugas en el cuello, nunca he engordado del abdomen, lo tengo firme y plano sin hacer ejercicio pero se me acumula un poco de grasa en las caderas. A veces duermo bien, otras no, mis examenes de glicemia pre y post, insulina y demas estan perfectos y muchas veces me siento malhumorada. Por favor, si me escribe me alegraria cantidades. De antemano miiiiiil gracias!!!!!!


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Thinning hair may be due to a Vitamin D

2010-02-05 16:39:44 by deficiency

I work in the supplement industry. I was talking with a consumer who told me that she was losing her hair and when she told her gynecologist, the first thing the doctor tested her for was Vitamin D and sure enough...she has a deficiency.
I just want to pass this along.
While this was news to me, Vitamin D isn't. There are 2 forms of Vitamin D and the best for absorption is D3. The label will state which it is. If it doesn't, assume it isn't.
You can't get vitamin D from foods unless you drink a lot of vitamin D enriched milk or other fortified foods

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