What to do about hair loss at a young age? (Hair, beauty, medicines)

August 27, 2013 – 15:42
The Answer on How to Regrow Hair and Cure Your Baldness

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No one should be alarmed if you happen to find a few more hair than usual in the hairbrush. Only at a loss of more than 100 hairs a day, this is known as hair loss.

What is baldness? Until a few years ago, there were no effective remedies for hair loss. Today you have the choice between different substances that promise more or less success. A few hairs in the comb are still no indication of a loss of hair. It is perfectly normal for a person loses up to one hundred hairs a day. Every third man and every tenth woman but there are many more, and then one speaks of hair loss.

The most common types of hair loss are:

• Hormonal-hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)

• Circle Round Hair loss (alopecia areata)

• Diffuse hair loss Hormonal-hereditary hair loss

What happens in the body

The hereditary form of hair loss mainly affects men and is the most common cause of hair loss.

Many believe the over-produced male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for the premature hair loss. But actually is not too much testosterone the cause, but an inherited sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone. Established initially at the end of the so-called receding hairline, later also thins the hair on the back of the head. Women also produce testosterone. Hereditary hair loss affects them but rarely. My hair thinned out in this case along the crest of extreme.

Treatment options

In hormonally-hereditary hair loss is offering a hair transplant. With drugs can get some of the actual state. Sometimes it can also become thinner hairs are thickened. With a drug treatment should be started as early as possible. In order to load the body as little as possible, it starts Haartinkturen that are applied directly to the scalp. First results are seen after three to six weeks. Only when Haartinkturen not lead to success, tablets are used. The available products for hair loss are usually only available on prescription.

Circle Round Hair Loss

The circular hair loss (alopecia areata) is the second most common form, but is very rare. In several places, the head suddenly form circular, bald patches. But the hair can fall out completely. To date, the reasons for alopecia areata are not yet clear. Probably there is either an immune system disorder or a mental illness that will bring hair growth to a standstill. In most patients, the growth in one year is on again. Lasts longer in the hair loss, the hair sometimes grow ever more not to.

Treatment options

The treatment of the circular hair loss is limited to a few measures and rarely leads to success. Experts suggest that the immune system of the person concerned is directed against one's own roots. With cortisone Haartinkturen is trying to suppress the immune system. Improve the circulation to the scalp Haartinkturen irritate and stimulate hair growth. In severe cases, you should consult a specialist on circular hair loss doctor - but there are only a few of them in Germany.

Diffuse hair loss

Here, the hair loss is not confined to a specific part of the head, but the hair thins out altogether. The causes can be varied:

Source: www.gutefrage.net

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