The prevention of gray hair or hair loss ingredients

March 19, 2013 – 00:00

National study found that more bananas, pineapple, peanuts and other copper, magnesium, manganese foods can reduce the acquired white hair.

Presented by St. John's College, University Police forensic Science, Institute of Chemistry, Chung Yuan Christian University research team staffed hair, white hair has diet can reduce the research report published in the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry and other academic journals.

St. John's Institute of Technology chemistry professor, said Wang Jian OK, gray early causes, heredity, stress and diet are three hereditary hair can not rely on diet to improve, but the pressure is too large and unbalanced nutrition produce white hair, can be controlled by diet , to reduce the chance of hair.

In dozens of elements of groups, determining copper, magnesium, manganese is reduced three most important element in hair.

High copper foods include organ meats, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, mushrooms, peanuts, beans, olives, etc.;

Magnesium and more food carp, cod, bananas, green vegetables, wheat germ, almonds, figs, etc.;

Manganese more foods are spinach, seaweed, coffee, pineapple, peas, ginger and so on. However, in choosing food, still pay attention to their physical condition.

On food, now that can prevent gray hair or hair loss ingredients are black beans, carrots, spinach, leeks, mushrooms, black fungus and silky.

There Prune fruit, persimmon, mulberry, longan, lychee.

Wang Jian said the line, the hair is the body's metabolism recorder, analytical chemistry of hair condition, that the human body can be retained in each period the amount of minerals and trace elements, track health.

Food black sesame is a good choice, it is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and therefore prevent white hair have a good effect.

Some young, long white hair, in fact, gray hair sometimes because genetic relationship, however, the usual eating habits can also cause the generation of white hair Oh! 我小學四年級就有白髮啦 ) (I have a fourth grade white-haired friends)

Like eating too much salt or animal fat can lead to the generation of white hair. If you are due to dietary habits acquired arising white hair


Try every morning to drink a glass of fresh green juice, celery, lettuce and other vegetables ... stir into sauce, then add a teaspoon of sesame drink together.

And usually have more protein and alkaline foods to avoid eating acidic foods, daily perseverance, for the treatment of white hair will have a good effect.


What about flea allergies or seasonal allergies?

2011-07-17 06:29:20 by jayjae30

My pit has some thinning hair but has flea allergies and my vet has me giving her 100mg benadryl 2x a day. It's been a week and the worse areas are healing because she is no longer itching we also treated her with advantage too, washed all her bedding. She was being fed Canidae dog food too. I feed her one raw egg a week(shell and all). I bath her once a week and do a vinegar/water rinse which has helped with her coat.

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