The cold prevents hair loss during chemotherapy

August 27, 2013 – 15:42

Miriam Lipton had breast cancer, her thick hair fell in two weeks after starting chemotherapy.

420111124213852001_t607 Hair loss is one of the most despised side effects of chemotherapy, not for vanity, but because it feeds the stigma, revealing to the world a disease that many prefer to keep private.
"I do not necessarily want to answer questions about my cancer to the entire site where I'm going, " he recalled Lipton 45.

Near-freezing temperatures are supposed to reduce blood flow to the scalp, making it more difficult for cancer drugs reach and damage hair follicles.

Refrigeration is an idea that has been around for decades, but never became popular in the U.S., in part because of a concern: Could the cold prevent chemotherapy reaches stray cancer cells lurking in the leather hair?

Later this summer, Rugo and Melin, along with researchers from other hospitals in New York and California, will begin the initial phase in a study of the brand DigniCap scalp cooling. Tight-fitting lid or isolation is connected to a cooling apparatus encuanto patients undergoing chemotherapy. The hair of the participants will be photographed by experts for evaluation, then be compared to a similarly small group of patients receiving chemotherapy alone.

Lipton was one of 20 patients tested the DigniCap in 2011, many of which hold more than half of your hair. Lipton has lost some weight in the crown, where the cover does not fit well. But because the surrounding hair bangs and kept, covered with a crown thinning, not a wig.

If the larger study is successful, the Swedish Dignitana AB plans to seek FDA approval to market the product in the U.S. health The move could pave the way for other brands and insurance coverage.

Clearly there is demand: Despite the lack of FDA approval, a growing number of U.S. patients are renting a similar product. Patients carrying a collection of covers of chemotherapy sessions in dry ice, or stored in special freezers provided by about 50 hospitals.

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What about flea allergies or seasonal allergies?

2011-07-17 06:29:20 by jayjae30

My pit has some thinning hair but has flea allergies and my vet has me giving her 100mg benadryl 2x a day. It's been a week and the worse areas are healing because she is no longer itching we also treated her with advantage too, washed all her bedding. She was being fed Canidae dog food too. I feed her one raw egg a week(shell and all). I bath her once a week and do a vinegar/water rinse which has helped with her coat.

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Cap prevents hair loss during chemo
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