See 10 facts about hair loss that every man should know

August 27, 2013 – 15:42
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While women fear gaining weight, have cellulite and stretch marks, the drama is male pattern baldness. Going bald can leave a man worried and depressed. The site Ask Men split a list of ten important facts about hair loss, that every man should know. See below.

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1-60% of men can not do implants: hair implants and other treatments can not keep a good finish. In TV and film you can see the implants on the actors. The treatment has progressed over the years, in a survey of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, only 3/5 of the men were able to identify who had undergone implant.

2 - Male pattern baldness begins before 21: the problem of hair loss begins to be noticeable when men are close to 30 years, then comes the midlife crisis. During his youth, baldness is not a concern, however, the problem can begin in men around 20 years.

3-9 in 10 men cite baldness main concern: when a man begins to believe that he is losing his hair, the mind can, at that moment, do not worry too much. However, balding affects all aspects of male life. Interpersonal relationships, image and self-esteem are shaken.

4-40% of men are misinformed about baldness: as feared any aspect in life, the loss of hair is surrounded by an abundance of myths. A survey in 2009 showed that over 40% of men believed that baldness was a genetic trait could be inherited from a parent. In fact, hair loss is a trait that can be inherited from the mother or father.

5-2 / 3 of men have some hair loss at age 35: you're in your 20s, gaining work experience and enjoying the single life. Suddenly, you realize a possible hair loss, maybe a thin line or a point slightly bald on top of head. This is baldness. Two-thirds of all men experience some hair loss at age 35 at the time. At age 50, 85% of them are the problem.

6 - One in seven men have genetic variants that lead to baldness: according to research scientists at Glaxo Smith Kline, bald men had a combination of genes that increased in seven times the odds of developing the problem. The discovery is not a cure, but treatments can help in prevention.

7-35 million men have male pattern baldness: if you are missing some hairs, know you are not alone. In the U.S., about 35 million men suffer from baldness.

8 - More than 800, 000 people seek hair restoration for years: according to figures from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 811, 000 men and women sought treatments for hair loss in 2008. Nowhere are such that more patients in the United States.

9 - Effect of baldness can be estimated by age: it is possible to know what percentage of men of a certain age group who experience male pattern baldness, simply by their decade of life. Among males aged 20 years, there is a 20% incidence of male pattern baldness, men at age 30 face a 30% rate of occurrence and so on.


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What about flea allergies or seasonal allergies?

2011-07-17 06:29:20 by jayjae30

My pit has some thinning hair but has flea allergies and my vet has me giving her 100mg benadryl 2x a day. It's been a week and the worse areas are healing because she is no longer itching we also treated her with advantage too, washed all her bedding. She was being fed Canidae dog food too. I feed her one raw egg a week(shell and all). I bath her once a week and do a vinegar/water rinse which has helped with her coat.

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