How to fight against hair loss

August 27, 2013 – 15:43
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What are the causes of hair loss?

There are many factors responsible for the acceleration and excessive hair loss Among them we can mention: hormonal, genetic factors, stress or taking certain medications for possible side effects. It is essential to ensure that the hair will continue to fall, but it is very important that this growth. Many treatments are prescribed to fight against baldness If you yourself are experiencing this problem, it is imperative to consult a specialist as soon as possible. But be aware that there are other ways that can help us deal with this hair problem.

An overview of the right moves anti hair loss:

Especially avoid using products like the styling mousse, gel or hair wax. In fact, they cause a dry scalp and cause hair loss. Also, do not wear caps, hats or caps.

Try to always keep your scalp clean, making sure to use special products and shampoos for fragile hair. They are especially based on aloe vera and sweet almond. The hair dryer is not recommended in your case. Indeed, the hot air daily affects the scalp and dry.

Also avoid discoloration, color or any other product that contains a lot of chemicals.

Recommended foods to avoid hair loss

You should know but watching your diet also happens to be a good parade to limit hair loss. In fact, many foods contribute to the fight against this phenomenon.

Here are a few:

Yeast: it provides vitamin B, minerals such as phosphorus and amino acids. Yeast strengthens the hair from the root. You can take three teaspoons per day, mixed with a glass of water or fruit juice. You can either sprinkle a few tablespoons directly into your food.
Watercress: This is a food rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for your scalp.
Wheat germ, sesame seeds or grains are full of foods that you should incorporate into your diet. They stimulate hair growth.

Nutrient deficiencies weaken the hair follicle. This can be easily corrected by adopting a suitable rich in vitamins A and Plan B, iron, zinc, copper and chromium. Drinking plenty of water is also essential.

Thus, any deficiency in the body, whether in vitamins, minerals or proteins affect our health and in this case, accelerated hair loss. To remedy this, make dietary changes necessary. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor who will lavish its advice.


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You should still see a doctor though

2010-05-25 14:11:32 by AlecsChestRug

Maybe you have hypothyroidism or another disease that could be causing hair loss, and you can try to prevent further damage if you get it diagnosed...
stress and/or poor diet can cause hair loss too.
sometimes it's just genetic.
If I were you I would cut it shorter so there is less weight and less chance of breakage. also it will look fuller the shorter it is.
try to get to a doctor though!

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