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August 27, 2013 – 15:42

Get a thick head of hair, long and full of life, even when it was fine and thinning hair ... it's tempting. But beware of smoke and mirrors! Poses hair extensions are not safe for your scalp and hair. Hiding behind the promises much less flashy reality.

Increasingly in vogue, extensions can sometimes have devastating consequences. In the UK, specialists in hair even calling for a ban of the practice. But what are these dangers denounced?

The different types of break extensions

The hair extensions is based on four main techniques of fixation:

  • Fixing points keratin hot or cold

Extensions It is currently one of the most practiced techniques. To save you the length but also volume, fixed hairdresser through what is assimilated to the "glue", keratin, a bit more extension hair (natural or synthetic) to lock your own hair. Glue dots "fused" hot or cold (by ultrasound) should be placed at least one inch of your scalp.

Here are the locks that you are asked, but hair bands. To apply, hairdresser begins first by making you a braid stuck around the skull. Then it will "sew" or weave hair band (always natural or synthetic) on this braid plated to create a "curtain" of hair.

As in previous years, these extensions are placed in "curtain" with small strips called "clips". But this time, the hairdresser is you or your friends! Just take a lock of hair and your extensions are clipped.

This technique allows to set extensions by simply braiding your natural hair. This method is attracting more and more young European women, although African hair is already long since passed.

Extension: Beware of damage!

In the UK, the hair specialists have studied the cases of hundreds of women who have had recourse to hair extensions. Their conclusion is clear: the practice should be prohibited. Based on their observations, more and more young women suffering from alopecia (loss of hair and lack of fur). Worn over a long period, the extensions cause permanent damage: hair and scalp are destroyed locally and irreversibly. These researchers point to the many salons that offer at prices lower and lower poses further extensions to be practiced in the rules of art.

Hervé N'Gom, creator of Parisian salon Amaryllis and specialist break extensions, reached the same conclusion: "Any barber can improvise expert in hair extensions, but it is a technique that requires a lot of expertise and professionalism. " But according to professional accustomed to working with keratin, the practice is safe when conducted by a real expert in the field. However, it recognizes that the hair extensions on afro hair is more delicate than other types of hair. As they are often relaxed, the attachment point of the bit extension will not resist when the hair back to its original form.

But Dr. Abimelec, expert dermatologist hair is the same pose that weaken the hair extensions: "These extensions attached with keratin damage the hair structure." On the horizontal weaving, the risk is the lack of irrigation of the scalp is smothered under the braid. The effect "pressure cooker" and dry and brittle hair ... as to limit regrowth.

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Woman Hair Loss...

2008-04-04 19:12:18 by KissTheStars

My husband noticed a spot underneath my hair this morning which was missing a big spot of hair (certainly over 1 inch in diameter). I am unable to see a doctor about it until Tuesday so have been left worried until I can find out what the cause is.
I was doing research online as to what some of the possible causes were, but of course there are many, and here are a few that I feel could be the cause:
1. Birth Control. This is the big one, because I learned that a lot of people who take the BC that I am on (NuvaRing) have experienced hair loss.

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