Menopause and Hair Loss

August 27, 2013 – 15:43

Why mother's older, less and less hair will it? Most women experience menopause will feel (Menopause) is not an easy task. In addition to suddenly feel old and unattractive generally makes more emotional ups and downs, the other one does not want to see the best thing to do is hair loss. 50% 的女姓會因為更年期而掉髮。 Unfortunately, about 50% of the female name because of menopause and hair loss.

Why menopausal hair loss

In addition to menopause, the health of women during pregnancy and puberty may suddenly have hair. This is because in these times, the body's hormonal balance is changing. Men are generally more likely than women hair loss is not just because of testosterone, but because the male body testosterone will be converted into a toxic hair follicles, hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

In the female body, testosterone is usually adjusted by the estrogen, but estrogen production during menopause when the rate will slow. Then the human body DHT causes the forehead and scalp hair is thinning, the same as in men. However, there will be less like a man in general, completely bald block appears. Menopausal mood swings caused by stress may also directly affect hair loss. That is, if you start hair loss, fear will only make things worse. Rather, it is to consider how to face this problem more realistic.

Hair loss with HRT

(HRT) 有沒有幫助? If hair loss is due to hormonal changes, then hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has not helped? HRT 本身會產生醫學上的併發症。 The simple answer is, yes, but for all women, not a practical solution, because HRT itself will produce medical complications. HRT 適不適合妳。 Your doctor first and discuss the decision again HRT is suitable you.
的概念是導入更多的雌激素,使體內荷爾蒙的平衡回覆到更年期之前那樣。 HRT concept is to import more estrogen, so that the balance of hormones before menopause reply to that. This is the right kind of treatment, but it does not cure the symptoms of menopause. HRT 時,又會開始掉髮。 That is, when you stop using HRT, the hair loss will begin. Some women choose to gradually reduce the dose of their way to make less severe hair loss and hair loss but also can effectively control. Moreover, some women prefer to use natural therapies to treat than the hair loss and other symptoms caused by menopause. However, these natural therapies usually estrogen itself manufacture of soy plant-based, so the actual mechanism is used to do the same.

Menopausal hair loss control

Sudden hair loss is always hard to face. Each time there will be a lot of hair shampoo falls easily frustrating. However, such as hair loss caused by menopause is usually not serious. Whether it is the use of drugs alleviate or so naturally occurring, usually do not make hair look very miserable, but it will be a little uncomfortable. Many women find that changing the hairstyle is enough to make changes because of menopause hair looks as good as before. The new shape is usually also make you feel about yourself better. Some people choose to stain, so reducing black hairs on the scalp area seems to be rather obvious situation, but the drug is also aware that hair can also cause hair fragile. In addition, the method also allows to perm hair volume looks more fluffy and rich, which is a lot less hair volume Grandmom common hairstyle.
Because the scalp in menopause would be more fragile, so every time with a good shampoo and conditioner is very important. 5 分鐘再沖洗,讓它可以發揮效用。 Conditioner stay for at least 5 minutes before rinsing, so that it can be effective. Determining an appropriate amount of iodine and zinc intake contains healthy diet helps your body ready to face change.


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