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August 27, 2013 – 15:44

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Receding hairline, clearings, balding, all this could soon be a thing of the past! U.S. scientists have discovered at the beginning of this year, the enzyme that is responsible for hair loss. Now they are working on a drug that stops the hair loss. They hope to bring it to market in 2014 already.

Eight out of ten men are bald at the age of 70 years - some more, some less. On the bright places the hair roots while still producing hair - but not as good as before. The hair is shorter and shorter until they are barely visible yet, or not even break the skin surface.


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einsetzt. The dermatologist at the University of Pennsylvania analyzed which genes are turned on when the hair loss begins. They found that the enzyme prostaglandin D2 a major role in involuntary deforestation plays - by inhibiting the growth of hair in the hair follicles.

The team led by George Cotsarelis, chief of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania , found that in places with no hair, the amount of prostaglandin D2 three times as high as in areas with normal hair growth.

Compared to the " Telegraph "said the U.S. dermatologist, that the goal is to quickly bring to market an agent that slows the effects of the enzyme. So, not only will hair loss be stopped, but also affected men can regain a full head of hair.

According Cotsarelis there are already negotiations with several pharmaceutical companies. Since there already are drugs that reduce the PGD2 levels, the researchers hope that the new medium reached the market quickly. Maybe it is already on the shelves in 2014.

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Ditchthepill . org

2008-06-22 12:10:02 by everywhere252

Good for you but the hormones are in the mirena are the same as the pill and norplant. they lie to women and say it works only in the uterus, well how does that make the hair fall off the top of your head?
lots of us have numbness on the left side and can't function the way we use to and suffer from memory loss.
drugs do more harm than good no matter the problem.
the vasectomy video on youtube looks alot safer than giving birth or the abortion clips. there are so many men against abortion and against vasectomy, but they don't know that IUDs abort the baby at 2 weeks

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